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Born 1985, Smederevska Palanka - Serbia

Lives & works in Melbourne, Australia

Marko Radosavljevic is a Melbourne based, multi-disciplinary artist.

His work explores broad ideas around identity, culture, colonialism and migration. Marko’s experimentation and art making is an endeavour to understand his surroundings in the context of his memories of the past. Using loaded, found objects in compositions with site-specific constructions; hierarchies are explored and challenged as various materials are tested in often seemingly dysfunctional pairings. 


Having lived in five cities across Serbia, New Zealand and Australia, Marko reflects on aspects of his upbringing that are informing contemporary life in Melbourne. Marko graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2014 and a Bachelor of Commerce (C.Fin/Marketing) in 2007 from the University of Adelaide. He has participated in numerous solo and group shows and collaborates with visual artists and architects.


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